Huge success at the BIG CHALLENGE!

Huge success at the BIG CHALLENGE!

A total of one hundred and ten of our WIKU students took part in the BIG CHALLENGE this year, an international language competition. Finally we’ve received the results and we could not be prouder! Here are the top three students of our first, second and third grade:

1st grade: Anna Steiner, Cornelia Reiter and Valentina Vitrotti

2nd grade: Valentina Daum, Caterina Magnet and Julia Brunegger – all of them also among the top 10 of Styria, Valentina even among the top 50 of Austria!

3rd grade: Nina Toth, Isabella Seidl and Ida Kammerhofer – not only do they share the first place of the school ranking , but also the sixth place of Styria!

Congratulations to the winners and all participants!